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Literary projects, readings, talks

Readings, talks or panel discussions can be an ideal way of getting into the work of an author or artist. In addition, such talks can be very exciting and entertaining.

I bring my background in British/German studies and my experience in talking before audiences to the talks and readings I prepare.


  • Translation and presentation of authors/artists and their work in English and/or German, readings, talks
  • Presentation of and research for panel discussions, readings and talks in English and German
  • Weekend seminars, classes and intensive courses on selected authors/aspects of British literature

Ted Hughes

The British poet Ted Hughes (1930 – 1998) was one of the most fascinating contemporary of the last century. Hughes left an extensive oeuvre of rich and challenging books for children and adults. Since 1996, I have been dedicating much of my time to researching Hughes's life and work, specializing on his childhood in Yorkshire and his books for children.

I currently offer

  • Translations of works by Ted Hughes
  • Consultation for projects relating to Ted Hughes (books, articles, documentaries, research)
  • Reviews, short articles etc. in English or German
  • Contributions to conferences and projects in English or German
  • Seminars, courses, lectures and talks on Ted Hughes
  • Introduction to Ted Hughes's life and work


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Ted Hughes: Wie Dichtung entsteht.

Ted Hughes - Wie Dichtung entsteht Selected and translated by Jutta Kaußen, Wolfgang Kaußen and Claas Kazzer. Afterword by Claas Kazzer. Insel Verlag, 2001.